100 African Blades from 55 Collections (Volume 1)

This deluxe volume presents a selection of 100 traditional African blades that are not only functional but also works of art. Recognized for their rarity and remarkable craftsmanship but chosen strictly for their beauty, each blade—whether a throwing knife, a short sword, a currency object, an axe, or an adze—is presented individually, so that it can be appreciated as a stand-alone masterwork for its flowing form and subtle details. The 55 collections from which these remarkable works are drawn include museums, private holdings, and those of art dealers. Many have never before been seen by the public, much less published.



100 African Blades from 55 Collections (Volume 1)

By Ethan Rider

Published in English by J. M. Fogel Media, 2021

238 pages, 32 x 23 cm, fully illustrated in color and black and white

Includes a distribution map and technical notes

Published in a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies

ISBN 978-1-7330078-9-4


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100 African Blades, Volume 2

Available now for $149 with free shipping worldwide. 

Featuring a new group of masterworks from public and private collections, an important exposé on inauthentic blades, and unique data from field testing of twenty-five throwing knives. 

Showcasing the finest African blades, many have never been published or seen by the public before. Together, these demonstrate the beauty and diversity of this often-overlooked but extraordinary art form. 

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